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Once more, the following reminders:

You must send email to the APD from the same address from which you
subscribed.  Email from another address, even if it's just the addition or
subtraction of a machine name from your domain, will cause your email to
bounce to me and from there to the trash.  

Email to the APD can be in plain text only; any email in HTML or another
rich text follows the same path as above.   I recently learned that the
latest version of AOL sends email in HTML *only* and there is no way to
send mail in plain text.   Bear that in mind if you're an AOL user and
using or thinking about using that upgrade - the end result is that you
will not be able to post to the list.

Edit your email; replies containing the entire digest go straight into the

No commercial posts; this includes commercial .sig files of more than 4
lines.   Yes, blank lines DO count.

Play nice or don't play at all.

APD ListMom (of the big .sig file)

http://www.metronet.com/~cyn      in north central Texas

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