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Re: bga-what is the best way to treat

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Robert Sirota wrote:
> I'm responding to Roger Miller's comments re BGA.

Ok, so I'll stay in.

> Prevention is fine, but does not address the issue of what to do when you
> already have the problem.

What I was talking about is cure, not prevention.  Hopefully my earlier
letter to Al on the same subject made that clear.
> I think the issue is important because I believe
> from my own experience that one can go on an oddest of "water quality
> improvement" trying to cure this, when what is needed are drugs (erythro) or
> agents (H202 or potassium permanganate) to eliminate the problem. (I was on
> that oddest for quite some time because of the many statements like Roger's
> implying that the system needed to be changed before BGA would disappear.)

Your question was over the "best" way to treat BGA.  I wouldn't tell you
-- and I don't know of anyone else who would -- that at least some of the
chemical treatments your talking about don't work.  Whether or not they're
the "best" way to treat it is another question entirely.

> [Again, "What is the best way to treat BGA?" Since there is no consensus yet
> established I will weigh in here and say that erythro appears far more
> desirable to me that the oxidants.  It is quick, effective, not harmful, and
> less potentially harmful to biologic systems than the chemicals.  What Lobos
> had to say about dose is interesting and may explain the rather small doses
> that have been effective in other people's hands to eliminate the problem.]

So let's compare.  The best possible outcome with any of those treatments
is that the bga goes away and your tank is back in the condition it was in
to start with.  There are some complicated down sides that we don't need
to get into.

If you do it my way (which admittedly doesn't come with any formulas,
equations or kits) then your *worst* possible outcome is that your tank
returns to the condition it was in to start with.  Normally when the bga
is gone you have a healthier, more robust and more attractive aquarium
than you had to start with.  I think that's "best".

Roger Miller