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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #644

Neil writes:

> After about half a day, I noticed an odor inside the barrel but kept on
>  until yesterday when I tested the water.  KH and GH none, but the PH was
>  registering 6.4 or less.  The water coming directly out of the R.O. system
>  has a PH of about 7.0 to 7.1, so I know that there is something remaining 
>  the barrel that is causing the drop.  
>  I pumped out the R.O. that had been made and refilled the barrel with
>  ordinary tap water, adding a box of baking soda in an attempt to neutralize
>  any latent acidic residue.  Again, the barrel is as clean as a whistle
>  inside.  

The drop in pH is probably because the RO water straight out of the unit has 
no CO2.  As it absorbs CO2 from the air, it will drop just about that far.  
Also, remember that pH readings on pure water are a waste of time.  Depending 
on the purity of the water from your unit, the reading may be meaningless. 

As for baking soda, decide what you are using the RO to accomplish, then 
decide whether it is consistent with your goals to add baking soda.  I use a 
DI unit, then add enough RO Right to achieve one degree of GH and then add my 
plant food.  This I do water changes with on the tanks for my dwarf cichlid 
breeding program only.  Most of my tanks get tap water because with my tap 
water, most of my aquarium needs will accept it straight out of the tap.

Bob Dixon