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Ameca Splendens

When I started my 75g 1 1/2 year ago,i experienced large Hair and thread
algae outbreaks.I bought a trio of A.splendens.They cleaned my tank up in
two days,but became quite a nuisance after their job was done.They are quite
active and aggressive towards smaller fish.My tank is a SA dwarf cichlid and
Discus tank(I added the Discus later after the A.splendens).I had to remove
the A.splendens when my cichlids started to breed in the tank.
I was able to breed the Trio and sold eight of them to my LFS.It was
interesting to see a 1/2"  fish being born already looking like an adult.
 If you want them for Algae cleaning purposes don't feed them at all.You'll
be amazed how fast they get rid of algae in your tank.