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Re: Purifying a container for R.O. water

"After about half a day, I noticed an odor inside the barrel but kept on
until yesterday when I tested the water.  KH and GH none, but the PH was
registering 6.4 or less.  The water coming directly out of the R.O. system
has a PH of about 7.0 to 7.1, so I know that there is something remaining in
the barrel that is causing the drop. "

Not necessarily. It is impossible to accurately measure the pH of R/O water.
Theoretically, it should be 7.0, but in practice the presence of even a few
ions can and will cause inaccurate pH readings. So I wouldn't worry about
the pH.

I might worry about the placicizers (that's what is probably causing the
smell), and the fact that it had contained fungal inhibitor. This could
possibly be leaching from the container and would contaminate any water you
store in it.

Another poster recommended Rubbermaid brand storage containers and I have to
agree..... they are not expensive and are safe. If you are going to the
effort (and expense) of making R/O water, don't be cheap and try to reuse a
questionable storage container. You just risk wasting your time and killing
your fish.

James  Purchase