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re: purifying a container for RO water.

When I have to clean a container that is for water or holding fish, etc, I 
use some prepared Sea Salt as the cleanser. I usually just pour in some 
Instant Ocean, wet it enough to cake it up, and use an abrasive pad (plastic 
type) and scrub the inside of the container with the clumpy salt. The salt is 
abrasive enough to do a good job cleaning and there are no worries about soap 
or residues. Just make sure all the salt is rinsed out after you are 
finished. I usually do this after I purchase a container to use with my 
tanks. If you cannot get the odor out, I would err of the side of caution and 
not use the container. I use a Rubbermaid Big Brute for my RO reservoir. I 
have had no problems.