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re: Ehiem II Professional Filters

>From what I have read (but not seen), I think the Pro II series will be a
winner. I love our 2228 and it looks like Eheim has made improvements. I
understand that now single-lever cutoff valves aren't spring loaded, so
there shouldn't be a risk of their remaining stuck in the wrong position.
While you can look at your spraybar and plant movement to judge any flow
slowdown, if there is a "maintenance indicator" or flow indicator, that's
fine. (I assume Eheim intends this as a maintenance indicator, since Eheims
are designed with a full flow in mind. It's not a good idea to reduce the
flow on an Eheim -- better to redirect the spraybar or use a second bar in
series if your current is too high).

Priming with the series I is sometimes a problem for us (perhaps due to the
slack in our outflow tubing). I think in the series II the entire pumphead
is flatter and now lowers a bit (with the "priming button" ?) into the
canister, so the impeller should be able to push out any air above easily,
rather than relying on the action of a syphon to fill the canister
entirely. I think this new priming design is why they were able to go to
the one-lever system.

Looking at the Pet Warehouse site (my catalog hasn't arrived yet), it
appears that Eheim will discontinue the original Pros. The good news is
that the series II hasn't gone up in price. My guess is that Eheim wants to
keep up with the features of the canister Jonses -- the Fluval MSFs, the
FilStar, and revived Renaissance (ProAqua). 

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