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Purifying a container for R.O. water

I needed a water container for my recently purchased R.O. system.  I heard
of a local manufacturer of animal feed supplements which provides 55 gallon
plastic barrels at no charge, went to get one.  The barrel is made of a
pliable blue plastic (PVC???).  The guy who gave it to me said that it had
contained a mildly acidic fungal inhibitor.  He advised that I wash it out
first with bleach, then with hot soapy water, rinsing until all traces of
soap and bleach are gone.  I brought it home and did precisely as he said.
Then, I refilled it to the top and let it stand for several days before
refilling at least once more and emptying.  I then thoroughly inspected the
inside (I had cut a large hole in the top through which to lower a pump),
and it seemed to be perflectly clean-no odor.  So I began making R.O. water.
After about half a day, I noticed an odor inside the barrel but kept on
until yesterday when I tested the water.  KH and GH none, but the PH was
registering 6.4 or less.  The water coming directly out of the R.O. system
has a PH of about 7.0 to 7.1, so I know that there is something remaining in
the barrel that is causing the drop.  

I pumped out the R.O. that had been made and refilled the barrel with
ordinary tap water, adding a box of baking soda in an attempt to neutralize
any latent acidic residue.  Again, the barrel is as clean as a whistle

My question isthis: Is the baking soda thing a good idea, or is there
another way of dealing with this problem?  Any advice will be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.  

Neil Anderson