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Anyone else have trouble with Hagen Phosphate test kits?

I had one already and actually brought a second one as I thought the first
might just be bad. Neither registered any level of Phosphates on some KH2PO4
I brought at a Hydroponic store.

After someone mentioned that Hydroponics are not the most careful stores
with their stuff, I brought some Seachem Neutral Regular (I KNOW it has
phosphates and I couldn't possibly have TWO bad test kits).  Well nothing
registers on that also.

So it seems I have two bad Phosphate Hagen test kits.  Has anyone else had a
problem with them (their other kits I'v found fine)?  Problem is that they
are the only kit the store had that tested P and in some of the bigger
stores (Super Pets in Canada) Hagen test kits are the ONLY ones they have.