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Hi!  I hesitate to ask this because it might be a stupid question or one of 
little interest, but here goes anyway.  What do they call angelfish 
(Pterophyllum Scalare) with metallic blue ventrals and metallic blue spots on 
dorsal and anal fins?  I have never seen these fish in any book.  I bought 
two tiny (little smaller than quarter size) angelfish from a store in my 
neighborhood.  They came from a local breeder and appeared to be 'messed up' 
half blacks.  They had no blue on them then.  They turned this color as they 
got bigger. I liked them and thought they were cheap so I bought them for my 
planted tank.  They are sort of like half blacks and sort of like lace angels 
but they have blue dots and blue ventrals that are as blue as cobalt blue 
dwarf gouramis.  I did not know angelfish came in this color.  What do they 
call this color morph?  Is it readily available? The local breeder acted like 
he didn't know what I was talking about. I think it is very pretty and I 
would like more.  Also has anyone out there used Flourish Excel?  Is it a 
good product?  Thanks Teresa.