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Re: Rotala macrandra


in my experience, this plant does NOT require soft
water.  Mine actually does better in water that's
about 7GH.  I think the extra calcium present helps
it.  If I'm at all wrong about this, someone please
let me know.  

I have had problems with it suffering after trims. 
I've just been pushing down the stems as they grow
(the lower ones become unavoidably shaded after awhile
and die off).  One of these days I'll have the nerve
to just give it a regular trim.  I wonder if keeping
it in water that is softer would somehow alleviate
that problem.  

One other question for everyone.  Knowing that it
prefers very low nitrates, and low nitrates give it
better color, why does it seem that this is limited to
what's in the water column?  Adding kno3 to the water
results in paler color, but giving it Jobes spikes
does not.  Has anyone else noticed this?  

Later, Cavan    in Pittsburgh

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