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Rotala Macaranda

>From www.tropica.dk:
"Rotala macrandra is an unusually beautiful aquarium plant, but
   unfortunately it makes such big demands that it only thrives in
   a few aquariums. It needs very good light to develop its
   beautiful red colour, and CO2 addition and soft water are vital
   to ensure reasonable growth. It is most beautiful in groups,
   but do not plant individual shoots too close because this will
   prevent light reaching the lower leaves. To ensure good
   colour there must be sufficient micro-nutrients in the water."

And then it is rated "very difficult" to grow.  

Is the soft water really "vital"?  I'd like to give this plant a try,
but not if it has little hope in my aquariums. I have hard alkaline
water -- and fish that like it like that, and I don't want to try to
change it. I do have reasonbly high light and CO2 on one aquarium, and
extremely high light on another. (I maby ought to switch the CO2 to the
other tank...) Thanks for your help.