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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #643

Jesper wrote:

> Some time ago I deduced the formula below from the charts at the Krib
> and other places. As it is deduced from the charts it may not be 100%
> correct, but it is quite close.
>   CO2 = KH * 10^(7.5 - pH)

I found (somewhere) the formula as 3 * KH * 10^(7-pH).  I believe that is
the original basis of the chart.

I'll by trying the experiment Tom suggested.   My guess is that it will take
the same amount of CO2 to achieve the same pH drop, regardless of the KH.

I'll be sure to report the results here.

> If you for example increase your CO2 level 10 times you will get a
> drop of 1.0 pH. This is independent of the KH!

Yes, that is related to the fact that pH decreases by 1 each time the 
concentration of hygrogen ions increases by a factor of 10.

Chuck Gadd