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Re: Anubias

> Tom, you sure you are not exagerrating here a little? :) I wouldnt seriously
> call it a tree!

The ones I had were.

> I have been growing much smaller hastifolia for a little
> over a year, and just like any other Anubias they grow very slowly and have
> done well in low light tanks. I have a couple in my 100 gallon tank which
> has intense VHO light, and it doesnt grow any faster in that than in the low
> light tank..not by much anyway.

Mind had MH lighting and a rich nutrient soup. I had some smaller ones that
I cut off the root stock that did well but they always seemed to shoot for
the surface unless real small.

> Or by light hog did you mean all the shade
> its large leaves create? :)

Yes. About 8-10 inches tip to tip and 4-5 inches across.

>Its interesting what you said about its leaves
> not drying out. I wonder if its just because of its size and that it may
> have been grown emmersed?

FWIW, almost every Anubias sold has been grown emmersed. Unless you get them
from a hobbyist.......

My smaller hastifolia dry out fairly quickly, and
> I lost one plant that died when I accidently left it outside the tank over
> night. It turned completly brown by the next morning. If I dont sell this
> big plant, I may try putting it in my outdoor tub garden and see how it
> does.

Mind was near a windy section of the house. It shot leaves up and they did
fine above water as well. Neat plant but the ones I had were so big. They
would be more for a 300+ gallon or 30inch deep plus tank. They are slow
growers but steady. You see them at Petco actually from Horizon Growers when
they get a batch in to kill over the next few weeks. You'll also see an
occasional Crypt pontendrifolia floating in with some of the orders as well.
These are worth the 3-4$ they charge for them but they are all emmersed
> Its a gorgeous plant, a real unique alternative to big swords in a big tank!

I like the shape of the leaves.
Tom Barr