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Re:Ameca splendens

Hi Al

    I and several other members of my local club have tried using Ameca
splendens to help combat algae in our planted tanks. My experience was that
while they were fairly efficient at eating hair algae, they were down right
ferocious towards the other inhabitants of my 100 gallon tank. This took me
somewhat by suprise, as I had half a dozen of them in a 15 gallon plant
growout tank with some SAEs and otos, and had no problem with them. As soon
as they were added to the larger tank however, they went "insane", tearing
the fins of the rainbows and rasboras in the tank. They ended up going, once
more, on the club auction block. Perhaps they are living happily among
someone's African cichlids now....

    FWIW, I'd try something else; I'm having better luck with rosy barbs and
American flag fish.

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario

see my 100 gallon at

> Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 10:55:15 -0500
> From: Alireza Sedarat <asedarat at stevens-tech_edu>
> Subject: Ameca splendens (Butterfly Goodeid)?
> I was looking throught the Krib archives and came accross info on the value of
> Ameca
> splendens as a thread algae eater.... does anyone have experience with this
> fish?
> Do they harm plants? They get kinda large (4 inches i think), are they more
> aggressive than normal community fish?
> Thanks
> Al