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Re: Anubias Tree

>>This is a baby. I had a 3 footer and they use to come in that size from
Dan Q back in the day. It is an A. hastafolia BTW. They tend to shoot for
the surface and get quite large but do well as a potted plant indoors. I
almost cannot consider it an aquarium plant due to this. It makes for a good
emmersed/emergent plant out of the back of your tank. The leaves do not
dried up easily. It's a tree essentially. Nice one though. A big light

Tom, you sure you are not exagerrating here a little? :) I wouldnt seriously
call it a tree! I have been growing much smaller hastifolia for a little
over a year, and just like any other Anubias they grow very slowly and have
done well in low light tanks. I have a couple in my 100 gallon tank which
has intense VHO light, and it doesnt grow any faster in that than in the low
light tank..not by much anyway. Or by light hog did you mean all the shade
its large leaves create? :)  Its interesting what you said about its leaves
not drying out. I wonder if its just because of its size and that it may
have been grown emmersed? My smaller hastifolia dry out fairly quickly, and
I lost one plant that died when I accidently left it outside the tank over
night. It turned completly brown by the next morning. If I dont sell this
big plant, I may try putting it in my outdoor tub garden and see how it

Its a gorgeous plant, a real unique alternative to big swords in a big tank!
I actually had an opportunity to buy it much bigger...the nusery trimmed off
a third of its rhizome before I got around to taking it.

Robert Paul H
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