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All this talk about high vs low pressure systems and the proper
way to use check valves all goes back to money equals safety.
The more money you want to spend the more safety will be built
into the product. 

High pressure systems are ok as long as you monitor your gauges
and hope your regulator never fails. 

Low pressure systems are much more reliable as long as you
buy quality equipment and know how to use it and understand

As far as check valves are concerned. No matter what application
they are used for the engineered use was to prevent backflow or
check the system= Check valve. The only reason you should use
is to protect your equipment. They are very big on reef tanks
because the Kalkreactor has positive pressure going towards the
co2 tank. Without a good check valve you would have salt water
inside all your equipment. I understand how people selling high
pressure systems are saying the check valve is a regulator, that's
because it tanks some positive pressure to open the valve, thus
regulating the pressure. That was not it's intended use. The 
people that need to absolutely use a good check valve are people
that don't use co2 resistant tubing. Regular tubing or even 100%
silicone tubing will start leaking through the walls of the tubing
which is getting eaten away by carbonic acid. 

Money equals safety. The Canadians require we put separate circuit
breakers for each part on their cooking products. Hell, they require
we ground the drain hose for their dishwasher. A lot safer then
our products but a lot more money. 

No offense to anyone BUT, if you care for your fish and plants either
constantly monitor your equipment or buy better equipment and still
monitor your equipment. Money Equals Safety.

Mark Robinson