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reviving Rotala Macrandra cuttings

I thought I would share my experience with reviving
Rotala Macrandra cuttings.

I received some cuttings through the mail in a plant
trade in August via priority mail.  The weather was
100+ here, the cuttings were no more than 2.5-3 inches
long, the box wasn't insulated, neither were the
cuttings wrapped in newspaper.  Needless to say, my
macrandra was total brown mush.  Most of the leaves
came off, by just placing the cuttings in the water. 
I planted them in the gravel, but they were so small,
delicate, and rotten that they wouldn't stay.

So what I decided to do was just allow the cuttings to
float at the top of the tank to see if they wouldn't
regenerate with the higher light levels there.  Slowly
but surely, a couple of the stems put out new growth
and tiny leaves.  It was a long, tedious process, but
over the next couple months, those new growths off the
practically dead stems eventually became long enough
to put in the gravel (3-4in).  From there they took
off, and now I have a thriving bunch of macrandra in
my tank.

So for those of you out there despairing over the poor
condition of macrandra that you receive, I'd recommend
that you try this.

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