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DOT Clamping down on Transportation

After reading about someone's near disaster on the
list in transporting co2 cylinders I thought I
would share this with you.

I just had three co2 cylinders refilled at my local
welding and medical gases shop. They now make you read
a 4 page sheet on safety in transporting cylinders. Then
they make you sign, date and supply either a company name
or home address. They give you a set and they keep a set
for their records. Apparently they are having problems
with people trying to inadvertently commit suicide.

The main rules are as follows, keep tanks in a vertical
position, secure tank, keep as far away from the driver
as possible, keep all windows down, drive directly home
and do not pass go for your 200 dollars. The biggest 
problem is big temperature changes. Before you put your
tanks in your vehicle let them stand on the ground and
adjust to the ambient temperature.

Another important thing to check for is the date stamped
on the tank near the valve. It should have a month and year.
The tank is only good for 5 years past that date and which
it needs to be sent to a company, via your gas supplier, to
be pressure tested and either scrapped or a new valve assembly
installed. I'm sure they are some companies that are not
checking that. Hope this helps.

Mark Robinson