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Re: THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

Chuck Gadd wrote:

> The difference between a high-pressure system and a low-pressure system is
> really just adding a needle-valve and a new reactor.   You can get an
> in-line needle-valve from Marine-Monsters for $25.00.  Just connect that
> to the output of your current regulator, and add a reactor to dissolve
> the CO2 into the water, and you've now got a low-pressure system.

This is the part that I would like to hear more about. Looking at
marine-mosters.com's site, I see their product #SPNVIL: Precision Needle Valve
(Inline Version) $26. This inline version has a 1/8" barb to accept airline tubing
on each end.

I currently have Dave Gomberg's high pressure system, which has (from his web

Tank->regulator->check valve->bubble counter->sintered glass diffuser

Can I slip in the needle valve in this lineup, and if so, where?

Much thanks.

-- Stephen

PS: Actually, to provide full disclosure, I have a solenoid right after the
regulator, which would close in the event of a power failure. But just to be on
the safe side, I might want a needle valve too.

PSS:  I would welcome any safety tips regarding CO2 systems and young children.