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Re: hydra

Hi all,

Here at Bolton Museum Aquarium we have been using Apple snails 
to eat the hydra. Obviously they may take/nibble some of your 
plants, but there is no nasty chemicals to use and they are easy to 
remove after. Though we did notice that a few hydra reappeared a 
few days after removal of the snail. One other bonus from the snail 
is that they also remove lemna from the top of the tank - much less 
work than a net - slowly.

Incidentally we acquired the snails as a way of producing infusoria 
for fry.So we have a few useful spin offs.
Tim Henshaw
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Museum and Art Gallery
Le Mans Cresent

email: tim.henshaw at bolton_gov.uk
       w at whenshaw_freeserve.co.uk
       aquarium at bolton_gov.uk