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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #641

Tom wrote:
> Two words: Needle valve

> two-gauge regulator and a relatively cheap needle valve ($20 at M3 I
> believe) will never, ever, dump CO2 because the needle valve acts as a tiny
> gateway through which only the preset amount of gas can ever pass. That's

Just for fun, I decided to see what my $20 needle valve (from M3) would do
in a dump situation.   I couldn't test it with a massive dump, but I did
crank the regulator from it's normal 4psi setting, up to the regulator max
of 45psi.   The bubble rate probably doubled, from it's normal 2 per second, to
about 4 maybe 5 per second.  That would probably drop my pH, but I'm not sure
how much.   

I'd guess that if you were using the in-line needle valve they sell (with
standard airline fittings at both ends, then if the tank dumped, it might
just pop the airline tubing off somewhere between the tank and needle valve.

Chuck Gadd