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Re: CO2 system...

>>More importantly, it was a fluke that I checked the pressure yesterday
morning. Because I did and was blowing my way
out of the house late for work, I had every intention of changing the tank
today (Could-a would-a should-a). If checking the tank pressure gauge has to
become a regular thing (every 2-3 days) for people with this type of CO2
system... what a pain!
MY POINT: I cannot stress enough that ANY system sold into this trade should
be safe. <<

OK, my previous post was tonge and cheek, I hope you took it that way. I
think perhaps what some people may have been trying to tell you was that you
appeared to be jumping to conclusions without really examining the
situation. If you have run the tank this low on more than one occasion, then
I would presume you are putting stress on the componants, and something was
bound to give sooner or later. If the pressure dropped as quickly from the
safe zone to the red zone as you said, perhaps you have a leak somewhere? I
have no idea. I dont think you really know what happended either! I dont
check my gauges everyday either, not even every week...but I know when its
getting low enough that it needs changing. Its not that difficult. How big
is this CO2 cylinder anyway? Mine lasts almost a year..

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