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The mother of all mother anubias

Mother of mothers Anubias hastifolia

The stems are 13 to 15" long, the leaves are 9 to 10" long, arrow shaped.
(It was only identified to me as an Anubias, but it looks like its possibly
a Anubias hastifolia, or frazeri)
There are seven full size leaves, one medium, and one new leaf forming.
Leaves 4 to 5" wide at their widest point. It has a huge root ball and
rhizome. The Mother of all Anubias plants! I wouldnt put it in anything
smaller than a 55 gallon tank. http://www.aquabotanic.com/giantanubias.jpg
Interested parties local to San Francisco or anywhere in the USA please
contact me.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
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