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Re: C02 & KH

> Tom wrote:
>> Another is to raise your KH up high. This is a bit more dicey. But at the
>> higher KH your pH will not swing as much to big dumps.

Chuck wrote: 
> Isn't that a mis-statement?   Regardless of the KH, the size of the pH swing
> would be the same, wouldn't it?   The starting and ending pH values would
> be higher, but the size of the movement would be the same.

Nope. Often folks with Discus tend to add very soft water with low KH.

Add a small equal amount of acid into two equal volumes of  distilled water.
One with a KH of 0 and another with a KH of 5 (add some baking soda). What
happens to the pH? Do you still think the pH swing are going to be the same?
Try it yourself and see. Now try 1:6 and 2:7 etc. I think you'll see a

The KH of 5 will resist the change more. So when a big dump occurs... it
helps resist the shock.

I like to work with what you got. Adding KH is no problem and will likely
help somewhat so this poor naked fellow will put his clothes back on and
keep Wright from staring.
Tom Barr