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CO2 Response

Up to the soap-box for one more minute...

Wright write:

"it was dangerously low and all here know that you get what you deserve..."

That's a pretty brash (and nasty, "you get what you deserve") assumption
"All here know that you get..."  Comments like this make me wonder how
newbies are feeling about participating right now...

"We all know that a regulator gets squirrely when the liquid CO2 is all gone
and tank pressure drops to near the regulator setting."

Funny: When I left for work yesterday morning, the needle was still quite a
ways out of the Red Zone. That indicated to me that there was still some
time left. Red Zone to me means "danger". White Zone means (or should mean)
"Still time left". And maybe you know, but obviously, "We all" don't.

"What a pity the digest rejects attachments. You have my curiosity aroused!"

I will take this as an attempt at softening what was at first appearing to
be a demeaning response. And that you would actually got curious about me
being up-side-down and naked has me more than a little concerned (and that's
supposed to my attempt at humor, not a personal jab).

"You will not get a terribly sympathetic ear, here, from folks who have
bothered to read the digest or archives on the subject."

a) Don't want the ear. Particularly with the "Know it all" attitude. I
wanted to "share" the experience with those who are less experienced with
one particular set-up.
b) Lost track of who was saying what in that month long thread/on going
c) I have a life. Therefore I don't get to read all digests or follow all

"The deaths were probably due to the high fish count, coupled with nitrites
and inadequate buffering, or maybe simple suffocation if hood was unvented,
when the last of the CO2 went out faster than normal. Blaming it on a
product that was working exactly as it should will not make you appear to be
wise, here."

a) Fish count was borderline on the high side.
b) Zero Nitrites
c) Hood has 4"x48" of ventilation across the back (Plenty in my book)
d) You missed the main point: I was told by the seller that this system was
safe and would not do this because of the way he designed it.

"Using a spring-loaded check valve as a final pressure reduction is a sure
way to get a major overload of CO2 in the final 30 psi or so, if you have
not monitored and changed the tank. "

Funny. When I first got the system, it was missing the check valve. I ran it
without it and then called the seller. The seller went on to explain that
without the check valve I would kill my fish. So the seller sent me a one
and I installed it. Hahahaha.

So,  In conclusion of this thread (my last word on this topic at least)

a) Never make the assumption that everyone on this list follows every thread
and we all know it all because someone else does. It's demeaning,
condescending and shows pettiness to those who are new (or old) and want to
feel free to comment.
b) I'm gonna monitor that tank better because of this.
c) Needle valve on order.

Thanks everyone all for the feedback, off-line and on-line.

Stepping down again.

- Jeff