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THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

Well,Just when I get all other areas of my tank where I want them...

This gang can argue all they want about high-pressure vs. low pressure CO2
systems, but I have just had an all-fish death due to the "dump" of a
"High-Pressure" system. I had 400 lbs of CO2 when I left for work this
morning and tonight the can is empty. You can advertise all you want about
how "safe" this type of system is if properly set up right, but the facts
are if a system is safe it should NEVER (EVER!) do this.

No matter what anyone says ever again on this list I will stand on my head
naked (and no one wants to see that, believe me) before I'll ever have
anything positive to say about this type of system. I will also freverently
anti-market this system because of this experience. This sucker is going in
the garbage.

Death toll is:
3 Large Discus (Best red Discus I've Ever seen, too)
20-30 Cardinals
20-30 Rummy nose
3 SAEs and,
several OTOs

Anyone want a high-pressure system now! I have one for cheap! I could also
use a reccomendation on a real "fail-safe" system, and if it is back to
yeast/sugar, so be it.

Am I Pixxxx?!?!?! You bet. Especially at the people/persons who sell these
things (sold one to me) and brag at how safe they are. If anyone has any
links to where I can get a more reliable system, please feel free to contact
me off-line.

- Jeff