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Plants for trade

I just pulled a large size ozelot out of 29 gallon tank. Tried to make it fit 
in a 55, and it didn't work too well. It's got a 3 foot long flower stalk 
(which will be removed before sending) and another one is already sprouting. 
Pic at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~sylkohler/ozelot.htm. This just fits 
lengthwise in a 10 gallon tank, so it's about 18" long, but bushy as well. 
Probably look fine in a 90 gallon or bigger tank; otherwise it just takes up 
too much room.

I also have lots of java moss to go.  I would really love to trade for an 
Indian Red Sword, if possible. (Has anyone had this plant reproduce in an 
aquarium?) I could probably scrape together other plant clippings.

Other plants of possible interest:  hottonia palustris, proserpinaca 
palustris, (highly unlikely that I will ever find, but what the heck)-- crypt 
striolata, Quillwort (Isoetes lacustris).

Please e-mail off list if interested. If I don't hear by Friday, it's 
probably going to auction.