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Re: Removing white crusty stuff

I just use vinegar to remove the stuff. I am assuming that most of the 
deposits are near the top since they form along the water line. Lay the 
tank on it's side, and pour enough vinegar onto the glass around the 
deposits so that the deposits are covered. You don't need very much -- just 
a thin covering. Let it soak for a while (15 minutes at least, probably 
more, but it depends on how thick the deposits are). When done you should 
be able to wipe most of the stuff off the glass.

Do be careful wiping the deposits. It is very easy to scratch the glass -- 
the white stuff is basically rock.


 > I recently received some older aqurium equipment.  A nice biowheel and a few
 >  powerheads.  All the equipment has a very hard white crusty layer on it.
 > Most
 >  of the time just above where the water line would have been.  I first
 > to
 >  bleach it off.  That didn't work.  Then I tried vinegar.  That didn't
 > I
 >  tried to chip it off with a chisel like tool but that only cut into the
 >  plastic.  This stuff resembles salt creep but I know it all came from a
 >  freshwater aquarium.