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Plants are not as green! Help!

I've been running my 25 gallon (100 litres) heavily planted, with a DIY
yeast CO2,  for 5 weeks now.  I wonder there is a problem in my tank as the
plants are not as green, look very yellowish! Is that because I add too
little liquid fertilizer? (I'm using Tetra Floral Pride.) I began to add 6
drops daily on the beginning of this 5th week. ( 5 days ago) after I've
read that yellow plants is dued to the lack of iron and other nutrients.
Do I have to wait longer for the plants to absorb the nutrients and turn
green again?

Also I've another problem with Algae. I've got a green thread-like algae
floating around the leaves.  Is that because I dose the fertilizer too late
again? How should I fight with it? I use toothbrush to remove them off
every day. My tank is now full of yellowing plants and this algae! Please

(I've got 3 cardinal tetras, 2 yamato shrimos, 2 SAE's, 4 otos. The plants
seem to get enogh CO2 and light (3W/gallon) as I see the bubbles come off
their leaves. The light is turned on 10 1/2 hours a day.)

Thank you very much.
Arthit Prasartkul
38/4 Sukhumvit 15
Bangkok 10110