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Green water

Hi everyone,

I have been monitoring this group for awhile and find
your information very helpful.  Now, I need a little
assistance for all of you knowledgeable people.

First, let me start off by giving you an overview of
my aquarium.

29 gallon acrylic
2 - 75 watt Aquasun 2/VHO lights
Icecap ballast
Renaissance 10 cannister filter
an array of plants:
    anubias, swords, grasses, moneywort, watersprite
three fish:
    angel fish, neon tetra, and black skirt

   Two weekends ago, I decided I needed to put
Flourite into my aquarium for the plants.  They were
not getting enough nutrients, etc...  I took out all
my gravel (mixed 1-2mm gravel and sand mixture) and
added about an inch to inch and half of Flourite mixed
with my gravel (50/50 mix) and capped it with an inch
of my original gravel.

   I currently have green water and it is really
thick.  I can barely see my fish.  Any suggestions?



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