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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #638

> Date: 29 Oct 00 06:56:19 MST
> From: Rich Patton <pattonrich at usa_net>
> Subject: How do I remove white crusty stuff on aquarium equipment?
> Good morning,
> Hope everyone is enjoying their extra hour of sleep.
> I recently received some older aqurium equipment.  A nice biowheel and a
> powerheads.  All the equipment has a very hard white crusty layer on it.
> of the time just above where the water line would have been.  I first
tried to
> bleach it off.  That didn't work.  Then I tried vinegar.  That didn't
work.  I
> tried to chip it off with a chisel like tool but that only cut into the
> plastic.  This stuff resembles salt creep but I know it all came from a
> freshwater aquarium.
> Does anyone have a good technique to get this stuff off.
> Thanks
> Rich

The white crusty stuff is hard water deposits. Vinegar works best in
removing this and is easily rinsed off with hot water afterwards.