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Global Thermonuclear Warfare.... (BGA)

Diary of a madman...,

Enough was enough. The battle against BGA has been won with few casualties.
A few additional changes and stuff is starting to really take off
(Peter...maybe it's time to try Macrandra again). It all started (I should
say "returned")  three weeks ago when my RO was down and I
re-filled/topped-off with well water (not sure if it was a coincidence,
we're in a farmland area but nothing significant measured (NO3, PO4, etc...)
in the tap).

Weaponry used was:

3 doses of 10mg/10gal Ethromyacin, alternated daily with H202 (60ML/55g, 40
of it water). Then a monster change to clean up all of the dead mulm cause
by the BGA. I no longer see BGA anywhere at all (including between the
gravel and the glass, wahooo!).

Next issue:
Nitrates are running high (~20ppm+), PO4 was Zero.

Added 0-40-0 super phosphate, 0.1g and tank read (next morning 0.2-0.4 ppm
PO4, gone (0.0) in two days). Continue adding 0.1-0.4g and TMG as needed for
last week. Still no reduction in Nitrates, but plants that have not moved in
the last 4 months are really beginning to haul-a--.

Almost dead riccia rock is now starting to green-up (within the last few
Melon sword that hasn't grown in the last year (since set-up) has sent out
three new leaves (and deep purple at that),
Dwarf Tennellus has sent out 10 runners (and it ain't ever done that before.

Conclusion??? Maybe I was significantly PO4 limited???

Just a thought.

- Jeff