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Shoestring budget plant tank

I've been lurking for quite awhile and was dabbling in plants.  I decided 
to put what little money I had into a setup that I hope will be healthy and 
look good.  I was hoping that everyone could critique/enhance/and otherwise 
find as many problems with my plans as possible.  I have most of the 
hardware already and would like to hear suggestions for improvement.

Acrylic tank 13"D x 20"H x 48"W (pre-owned)

Jim Kelley Substrate
(basically vermiculite bottom and for me a Tex-blast top)

with southern California water
GH and KH in the liquid rock range
I will soften the water with peat.

PMDD regime with an old bottle of Flourish for Iron
(2) 2 liter bottles of DIY Co2

2 48" 40 W GE F40SP65 bulbs  "Daylight Ultra"
2 48" 40 W GE F40C50 "Chroma 50"

I was hoping for some of the higher light plants, but no matter how much I 
do understand CRI, Lux, Lumens, color temperature, etc.  I still have no 
idea if this enough light for....

1. Ludwigia Repens
2. Lobelia Cardinalis
3. Rotala Rotundifolia
4. Rotala Macaranda
5. Bacopa Caroliana
6. Cabomba Carliana
7. Hydrocotle Leucephalia
8. Java Fern
9. Java Moss (on unknown structure)
10. Crypt. Wendtii sp. ????
11. Echinodorus Tenellus
12. Some stuff in my 29 gal. that looks cool, but who's name and pic I 
can't seem to find
Please excuse any typos, I haven't had my coffee yet.

|                                                                |
|    8                                                   9     |
|                   1          3            4                  |
|                                                                |
|            7          2            5          5             |
|     1                                                   6     |
|     0                                                          |
|                                                                 |
|                 12                        11                 |

I know I haven't thought of everything, but here are some of my questions.
1.  Can I get by with those bulbs with these high light plants?  especially 
the tenellus with a 20"H on the tank
2.  Any suggestions for a crypt that would accent the Java Fern nicely?
3. I truly don't have any money for test kits beyond the simple $5 
ones.  Is one of my plants a good indicator plant of nutrient deficiency?
4. One of my hopes is that the back of the tank will not be visible.  Is 
the arrangement going to be in your opinion aesthetically pleasing?  I made 
it from pics from books and Tropica.  Can you think of height/width problems?
5. Are there plant combinations that present competition/maintenance problems?
6. So far I have spent about $100 on my setup (tank not included), and it 
looks like the 11 plants is going to cost me near the same(?)  Any 
suggestions for ordering plants online?  I do remember the customer service 
hell thread about Petsxxxxxx in the past.  No need to restart that one.  ;)

7.  ALL criticisms/thrashing/suggestions/comments are welcome.  What do you 
think I should to make this tank look and work better in your opinion on 
all aspects.

Forgive me if I have left something out,

Darin Simmons