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Re: KH2PO4 testing....

> From: "Pete" <peteal at sympatico_ca>
> Subject: KH2PO4 testing and overdose. (oh no)
> Anyways, mixed some KH2PO4 I got from a hydroponic store with water and kept
> adding it to my tank and tested for P levels using a Hagen kit (found all
> their other kits are great).
> After adding more and more of mix I got suspicious and tested the mix itself
> and can't detect ANY Phosphates!

	It's always a good idea to do this with any test kit - and a blank
test as well!

>  Now does KH2PO4 have to sit for a while
> before the P can be detected or do I just have bad test kit?

	No, it doesn't have to sit at all.  Either the kit is no good,
or it isn't phosphate.  I _have_ had a problem in a hydroponics store
when the sales clerk evidently couldn't read the label on a big package
when weighing something out for me.  I would have got a phosphate, thinking
it was the sulphate, but I saw the package.....

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada