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Re: HCl & CO2

> The tap water is actually 8.5 ph, 7 GH, and 10 KH.  I have a DIY CO2 going
> and that generally keeps the ph around 8.25.  The substrate in the tank is
> fluorite.  The kh of 6 I mentioned was after 4 days of adding the HCl.  In
> the past I've noticed the plants grow much better if I can get the ph down
> closer to 7.  I have used Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Purifier to
> help lower the kh and ph of the water.  Unfortunately the resin chamber
> doesn't last very long before the kh of the water coming out start going
> back up.  I'm tired of buying refill resin chambers, and an RO unit seems
> like total over kill.  I was hoping the HCl could lower the ph and kh like
> the water purifier was.

Now I know. You do not have enough CO2 or a bad inefficient CO2 mixing
device/method for adding it to your tank.

DIY CO2 will be hard to get it down that far. I know from experience. It is
possible but it will require work and a number of yeast bottles going plus a
very efficient CO2 addition design. You'll also have to stay on top of it.
I can assure you that your water is not "Too Hard". Where I recently moved
from had a GH of 9 and KH of 5.5. This was the revered "magic water" of
Marin, CA:)
Spend the money on a CO2 gas set up instead of a RO/DI/HCl mess. It cost
some $ at first but will save you many hours of pain later over the course
of years and also money. You have a big tank and hard water, use the gas.
> I'm almost convinced I should just continue my mixing of tap and filtered
> water, like everyone else,

I don't, nor wouldn't.

>but I would still like to explore this a little
> further.  For now I've stopped adding any more HCl to the tank.  I'll start
> testing this on a bucket of water as Bob suggested.

When your done, come back and try to add the gas more efficiently and get
more in there. I would use about 1-2 bubbles per second to get your pH down
if you have a good way to add it.
I personally do not wish to make up water batches for water changes and
alter chemistry of pH/Kh, heck I am lucky to get the same temp. Too much
work, add the CO2 and let it do the work instead. It's cheap(er) as well.
Tom Barr