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Revenge of the Unknown Organism

Wow.  The more I look at these daphnia I have, the
more I think they may not actually be daphnia.  I was
thinking they were a very small variety.  Looking back
at the original "unknown organism" discussion, I'm

They are oval, and sometimes reddish looking with a
blackish spot on the upper rear quarter (I think this
depends on if they have eaten).  They mostly cling to
things but swim in open water to get places.  I found
that they have a distinctly crunchy shell.  The
wheelbarrow they live in is coated with concrete on
the inside, which may help them form this shell.  
Again, all my fish love them, even tetra fry, who eat
the very tiny ones that are equal or slightly smaller
than bbs.  If fish are breeding like this, they must
at least be prett good for them, as they have eaten a
lot of the little guys.  I feed them with a baster, so
every one gets eaten.  Given their now dubbious
identity, maybe that's a good thing.

I threw in some flake food pieces, and they swarmed on
them and devoured them like piranhas.  

I will get some daphnia soon from a guy who raises
them, so I still appreciate all the advice in that
regard.  I'm hoping I may even be able to raise them
in the same tank.  

Ostrocods were mentioned as being undesirable and not
eaten by fry.  I think they may be Ceriodaphnia dubia.

Thanks, Cavan    in Pittsburgh

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