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Re: Rotala nutrients

I have noticed that dividing my Flourish products up
over the week instead of once a week has helped
prevent the small leaves.  I haven't paid much
attention to what happens when I add the calcium
carbonate and magnesium sulfate at water changes.  
I just did a change today, so I'll see if anything

side issue:  Do you guys add these things at water
changes, or like other mineral suppliments?  Do you
just replace water with distilled or whatever, and add
it gradually?

You know what I still don't get though?  Why do
Rotalas respond so poorly to trimming so often?  I
know this has come up before, but I'm still not clear
on the physiological cause.  The damage can be very
slight or severe, with the plants recovering after
awhile.  Some sooner, some later.  I had that problem
with wallichii, but it just got worse and worse until
I threw it away.  Rattier and rattier after each
trimming.  My tank is doing MUCH better now, but I
want to have a better understanding of the cause
before I ever get more.

Later, Cavan  in Pittsburgh  

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