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Re:Daphnia Culture

Brewers yeast works very well with Daphnia culture. Very tiny additions at 
one time. Just a pinch for as much as 10 gallons. Lots of air so that they 
are moving all the time and not "stratifying" and concentrating like turkeys 
toward the light source. They like cooler temperatures and when at or near 80 
degrees will do poorly or crash.  They do not like pollution of any 
kind-hence the small amounts of food at any given time. They were once used 
as a pollution indicator for effluents into streams etc.. Water changes are 
very necessary on a frequent schedule, but should not be very drastic at any 
given time. Spirulina powder along with the brewers yeast-again in very small 
amounts seems to be a very good source of nutrition for them. Some people 
also use a very small pinch of finely ground grain-no additives- with the 
above. I have used pea flour for this. Light is absolutely necessary for 
their well being something about egg maturation and reproduction in respect 
to this.

If you add a small amount of Spanish paprika, to the nutritional mixture it 
will provide caratenoid pigments which will enhance the colors in the fishes 
when the daphnia are eaten by them. Some of the most successful growers that 
I have observed have had the culture just "boiling" from the air releasers. I 
have the most success with heavy air input as well.

Elmer Morehouse