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Re:Blue Geen Algae

Alireza Sedarat  writes:

> That's pretty interesting... can you give more details about your tank
> (specifically fish load)... also did you test the water by any chance to 
> see if
> any of your nutrient/trace element levels changed over that period of time?

Well, it's a 45 gallon Tall (36"x12"x24"high), and very low tech.  Two 
30-watt Tritons, about four inches of Poor Man's Amano Substrate with a 
quarter-inch of river gravel over it.  I am using air-powered UGF filtration. 
 It has seven breeding-size angels and three ottos.  About a week or so ago I 
added three SAEs while moving my main show tank across the living room.  It 
has three A. crispus, of which only one has grown to full size and bloomed.  
Also two Echinodorus "compacta" which I expected to get larger, but are 
staying around nine inches tall.  Unfortunately, I placed them behind the 
rather large piece of driftwood in the tank, and they are spreading leaves 
nicely in the space they have.  There was some ambulia, which failed, and I 
replaced it six weeks ago with a cutting of Anubias barteri var. nana and a 
couple stem-plants from the LFS that I haven't IDed yet, They are doing okay. 
 I am using Natural Gold at the recommended dosage, but only about every 
three or four days.  No CO2.  Really low tech.  I tested for nitrates on 
occasion, but having seen zero levels, replaced the test and gotten zero 
again, I decided it was balanced between plant load and fish load.  I have 
added the three SAEs since then, but there's been some good plant growth 
since then as well.  Perhaps it is nitrogen-balanced at it's current point, 
since plant growth rates increased a little with the new fish.  By inference, 
I assume nitrogen to be the limiting factor.

Cyanobacteria can utilize atmospheric nirtogen, or so I've heard, and that 
would imply it can also utilize nitrogen dissolved in the tank.  Maybe that's 
a clue.  Too little N available giving the BGA an edge in nutrient 
absorption?  But that only explains its presence, and not fully its sudden 
disappearance.  Maybe it serves the same purpose as common weeds in 
nutrient-poor soil.

Bob Dixon