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Okay well, I learned that my algae was infact BBA and not hair algae,
however I also found out I have a nitrate deficiency, which is strange since
i have 2 gouramis, 2 guppes, 3 rasb's, 2 corys, and 1 pleco in a 10 gallon
tank. However I'm certain this is the case since 1, plants bloomed like mad
when tank was cycling leavining little of anything, and my nitrate test
works when i added KNo3 to it. I have also added magnesium from the PMDD
dosage. My question was does it matter if I get excess magnesium, or could
that be fatal to plants or fish? Also I'm wondering about water changes,
before I did 50% once a week and it seemed to annihilate traces of nitrate
and anything else that might have existed, and I relized I had been using a
30 gallon dosage of kent freshwater plant on a 10 gallon, which I have now
corrected. Some people do 25% a week, two weeks, or sometimes even a month??
What would be the recommended time frame?

- Matt