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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #631

Teresa, since you are using an eclipse hood I am
thinking you are also using the biological filter that
comes with it.  There are a couple of observations I
have with this kind of setup.  1  I think you need
more light for your plants to grow and out compete the
algae.  Eclipses are wonderful biological filters but
are not good for growing plants as they are very
effective in driving out whatever co2 is present in
your aquarium. 2. There are a number of great places
in the archives and on personal sites about making DIY
co2 injectors out of a 2 liter soda bottle, the krib
has a great section on how to do this.   The biggest
thing you have to make sure about is that you never
ever shut down the co2 outlet hose from the pop bottle
as a build up of co2 could rupture the bottle and
spray the sugar yeast water mixture all over the room.
 Algae will use the same nutrients as your plants and
will outcompete your higher plants at the lower light
levels and depleted co2 levels in your tank. I have
had success with both ge chroma 50 fluorescents and
compact fluorescents as are available from ahsupply. 
Both of these are economical introduction lights to
successfully growing a planted tank.  

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