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Re: Quiet exhaust fan

> I'm having some trouble finding an exhuast fan that is quiet enough to
>  tolerate. Most fans spin in the 3000 rpm range and make either air or motor
>  noise. Can anyone suggest a source for a 3" fan that is slow and quiet? The
>  fan I have now is rated at 38 decibels. TIA

Actually, 38 decibels is a rather quiet fan.  You didn't mention how much air 
movement you require.  If you need to move, say, 100 or 150 cfm (cubic feet 
per minute), then you're going to have some noise to contend with due to the 
volume of air moving through the blades of the fan.  Squirrel cage blowers 
work well at that range, but do make a "whoosh" noise.  If you are only 
looking to move 10 or 20 cfm, you might look into a line of fans called 
"Whisper Fans."  They are low RPM fans (1800 RPM, if my memory serves me), 
and are all but inaudible.  You can get them from any good electronic supply