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Blue Green Algae causes

Hi!  I set up my first planted tank three months ago.  It is a 29 gallon with 
an Eclipse three hood.  I have a gravel mixed with laterite substrate.  
Things went fine for a month or so. Then Blue green algae smothered 
everything.  I nuked it with erythromycin and thankfully it died in big 
chunks.  It has been a week and a half since the 50 percent water change that 
I did to get most of the dead algae. So far no BGA but some kind of white 
fluffy stuff growing on a piece of wood that has always been there and a very 
little bit of green dot algae.  These do not worry me but I do not want the 
BGA back.  I wonder what caused it in the first place.  I used all the 
tablets and liquid recommended on packages when I first started.  Did I over 
fertilize?  I thought that it might be caused by an excess of iron or 
phosphates.  I put some water lettuce in to try to sop up extra nutrients.  
It is growing quickly, i.e. put out three babies in a week.  Now I am afraid 
to fertilize, what should I do?  I also want to do this plant thing without 
C02 because I don't have the money for an expensive set up and I don't 
understand how it works very well.  Can I grow plants without C02 injection?  
Also in an unrelated question, what do you do to grow those baby Java ferns 
that sprout from spores on the leaves? I guess that is all for now.  Thanks,