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New Light Bulb Combination

Hi all, I'm going to try a combination of lighting that I haven't used before and
wanted to see what your thoughts are about suitability (including for plant growth
and how the tank will look).
my tank is six feet long (180g) and has 2 3ft double fixtures, 1 4ft double fixture,
and 1 4ft single fixture. I was going to go for, 2 3ft Tritons, 2 3ft Coralife
Trichromatic, 1 4ft GE plant&aquarium, 1 4ft GE sunlight (i bought the GE's from a
home depot), 1 4ft ZooMed Flora Sun.  The 3ft doubles and 4ft single lamps are for
normal aquarium strip lights, the 4ft double fixture is a normal shop light from
home depot.
Any thoughts?