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Re: alternate DIY CO2

Alireza writes:
>  I'm sure some one else has thought of this and its been rejected, but is 
> there any
>  reason that acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate (vinegar and baking soda) 
> wouldn't
>  work?  It seems that it might be too fast a reaction to be regulated, but 
> wouldn't that
>  be true of the other carbonate-acid reaction mentioned?

You simply have to control the rate at which the acid reaches the sodium 
bicarbonate.   This in turn would regulate the pressure in the reagent 
vessel.  Control the output by a combination of "Drip rate" and some output 
flow control.  The real problem with vinegar and baking soda is the volume of 
reagents necessary to achieve the same CO2 output as other reagents.

Bob Dixon