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Re: Ostracods

Paul writes:

> Those little 1 to 2 millimeter round ostracods are everywere.  Their eggs
>  are really tiny and could have come in on any of the plants or on the
>  shells of the snails.  I bet you had those little guys a long time before
>  you noticed them.  Fish never seem to get them all.  I am beginning to
>  suspect that Ostracod eggs are resistant to drying and bleach treatments,
>  and who knows what else.  They probably couldn't survive autoclaving or a
>  direct nuclear hit, but that is only a hypothesis!

Anyone know where I can get a starter culture of these, and whether they 
would make a good thing for feeding fry?  If I kept a colony of adult 
ostracods in a fry tank, could they be encourage to multiply fast enough to 
be a primary food source?

Bob Dixon