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re: bga battle

Rob Sirota wrote:
 also fits with other observations that bga growth seems regionalized
in certain environments (like my tank) and that it grows in areas of low
water circulation

For what it's worth, my experience with bga has been the opposite... I have found that
it grows more in areas of higher circulation... for example... until recently (when I
treated with antibiotic) bga had completely taken over the roots and leaves of a java
fern that was attached to a piece of driftwood in direct line of the filter output.
One side of my tank has very little circulation, and it did not get affected (at least
not nearly as much) as the side with the filter's circulation.

By the way, I just treated my tank with Biaxin (a derivative of erythromycin) at a
dosage of 250 mg/10gallons and it seems to have worked well.  I have yet to observe any
water cloudiness or signs of ammonia/nitrite toxicity (although the plants could be
handling the excess ammonia). But it may be to early to tell (I added the Biaxin about
four days ago).

Can some one elucidate the method of battling bga with H2O2 and/or potassium