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Re: Aponogeton Ulvaceous

Paul K replied to my query:>  
>  >
>  When I had my A. ulvaceous plant growing at its healthiest, its leaves had
>  long stems (petioles).  It was in a 75 gallon with four 40 watt T-12s with
>  CO2 additions.  I thought the plant looked its best.  Later, I tried
>  planting it in a very high iron oxide soil, as an experiment, and it went
>  downhill, growing much shorter, compact leaves, and finally dying.  I've
>  got pictures of it, which I will be bringing to the AGA Conference.
and Robert H replied:

> No, quite the opposite. Under moderate to bright light I have found this
>  plant to grow long, wide, undulating leaves. Under inadequate light the 
>  part of the leaf is much longer and the leaves themselves are long and
>  skinny, looking more like a deformed crispus! (is this what you are
>  describing?) Without CO2, I found the leaves to be just as wide under the
>  right light, but look more lackluster. With Co2 the plant looks much more
>  vibrant in color. They do grow tall though, in excess of 20"
I poorly described the growth of the plant. Each leaf grows on a rather long 
stem, sometimes 4 inches or greater. With the actual leaf growth beginning 
sometimes midway up the tank, I have 15-20 inch leafs growing up and laying 
on top of the water in bunches--which I am forced to keep removing because it 
blocks light to other plants. It's also located near a powerhead which 
doesn't help matters. Each leaf is wide and undulating, but perhaps because 
it is growing near enough to the light because of the elongated stems? I'd 
guess I'd say this is healthy growth, and it's producing flower stalks every 
few weeks or so. Just doesn't seem to show well in my tank, I guess.

Thanks for the replies.