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re: nitrates being high


i've read a little about ro filters, but their prices seem just far too much
for me.

a thing which i'm curious about is that we used to keep fish about 10 years
ago, for quite a while, at least 2-3 years. we had fish that were in at the
beginning, and stayed there all the time, and had fish that were belly up in
a few days. in the end we just got bored and gave the fish to a neighbour,
but kept the tank.

i presume seeing as these fish lived a fair amount of time(gold fish,
snails, a suckermouth, think at one stage we even had a betta!)the water
quality would/could have changed.

i think tommorow i may give a call to my water people and ask them, surely
it's above the limits?

i've seen nitra-zorb and stuff like that, but the prices just seem way too
high to even think about using. i'm hoping that it is a faulty test kit.

when you say detrimental to health of plants/fish/anything, what do you
mean. would i see a gradual loss in health, or should the fish be dead by
npow with the plants hot on their tails. i've had 3 zebra danios in there
for about a month, they seem to be doing fine. also had 2 catfish and 3 neon
tetras in there, though 1 tetra died. the fish are ok though, eating
well(well, they'll eat anything you throw at them)not upside down, quite

could anyone refer me to any CHEAP ways of removing my nitrates and things,
ie.cheap ro filters for 1, 13gal tank. aren't there any bacteria that eat up
the nitrates like the ammonia and nitrite eating ones?

as i keep on pointing out, my tank seems very healthy, if a little green in
the water. but i am getting increasingly worried.

i hope the nitrates in the tap water can be sorted out, and/or its a faulty
nitrate test kit. the test kits i useare dry-tab ones. i know that when
using things like ammo-lok the ammonia test kit picks it up even though it's
been changed into a less harmful type, could it be the test kits picking
other less harmful nitrates?

i hope you can answer my questions/mumblings

Chris Moody,
Aka, The Zpyder
zpyder at btinternet_com
zpyder at hotmail_com